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Here is a quote from Jeff Weiner I came across in an article by Adam Lashinsky which you can find HERE

Focus has been — I’m oftentimes asked what keeps you up at night, and from day one it’s been focus and scale. And with regard to focus, you know, there’s the word focus and we’ve also created an acronym around it, FCS. So, the F is fewer things done better, the C is communicating the right information to the right person at the right time, and the S is the speed and quality of our decision-making.

I would like to focus on the F(Fewer things done better) here as it really struck me as extremely important.

Now I have never worked for a company that has experienced Hyper-Growth, however I can see where this strategy’s importance is more apparent to a company that is. I also think that the strategy is important for a company that is not growing. All too often employees are spread thin and as a result, the employee and the company will suffer. Why does this happen when the end result isn’t favorable? Two reasons, the employee has passion and wants to provide more value, and the company wants more value out of each employee and is more than willing to assign responsibilities. What is wrong with that? Nothing really, but it isn’t the correct approach to solve the issue of the employee and the company. In the Marine Corps we called this “Good initiative, bad judgement”.

A person who I respect and have worked with for many years told me that everyone has a worry basket and each persons worry basket isn’t always the same size. For example, some people may be able to hold five(5), while others may hold six(6) or eight(8). Although, the worry basket is always full; so if they take on another worry one of the previous has to be removed. In my opinion this same theory works for responsibilities. If you think of multitasking, you can only do/think of one thing at a time. So if you think of yourself as a great multitasker then maybe you have a larger basket with compatible worries/tasks/thoughts. For example, if an employee is well suited for customer service, then adding a task that is independent and segregated from the customer will impact their ability to switch worries/tasks/thoughts. This is because the employee is able to add and remove items from the basket more efficiently if they are leveraging the their strengths. I would suggest you check out this artcle about multitasking HERE and I’m sure you can find more.

Fewer things done better absolutely says it all. Identify your employees strengths, foster them and let them flourish to theirs and the company’s advantage. You will not only impact your bottom line, you will soon forget it because you are improving your top line. Which is a byproduct of the company and employee winning!